Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ask, Believe and Act

‎3 Essential steps for your journey to a better you

• Ask (be clear on what you want)
• Believe (believe you deserve it, believe you can have it)
• Act (take action)
Step 1: Begins with getting clear on who you are and what you want. This process might take a while as you are currently dealing with old beliefs, attitudes, and unfortunate circumstances that currently affect your life.

• Who am I?
• Why do I think this way?
• Why do I act this way?
• What do I want?
• Why do I want it?
• What does having it mean to me?
• Do I believe I can have it?
• Do I believe I deserve it?
• Do I believe I can attain it?

It’s important to focus on your recovery, not get stuck on the problems you currently have, as focusing on your problems will surface emotions of lack and frustration which keep you where you are.

Getting clear can take a while as you will need to face your old mindset vs. who you want to be. However it can be done, and when it is, you will feel a new person.

Ok… you got clear on whom you are what you want and during this process you set your goals.

Step 2: Having faith in you is essential. You need to believe and understand that you have all the tools you need “within you”. Now that might sound difficult, because if you had them all along, then why did they not show up before? The answer is simple; “you did not believe”, your focus and emotions were stuck on “lack”. Therefore, now that you have a clear vision of who you want to be, you need to control those old emotions and believe in your ability to attain.

Step 3: Act….you can’t force action, however inspired action comes from being clear and believing you can attain. You will be driven to take action, opportunities will arise, ideas will pop in your mind, and you will feel an urge to try new things. Does not matter how it happens, you will be inspired to take action. Action can be, (training, education, learning a new job, etc). You must be ready to take action when the time comes up.

Lack of action will delay your goals.

These 3 steps are essential and work together….
Your journey of self discovery is the best journey you will ever take…….so enjoy the ride.

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